When Kids Cut Their Own Hair


When public radio reporter, Jeff Cohen, discovered that his 7-year old daughter Eva had taken it upon herself to cut off her little sister Eva’s hair, he recorded their adorable and hilarious dialogue—and the recording went viral. Now the story is captured in the children’s book Eva and Sadie and the Worst Haircut Ever! 

Cozy Friedman, kids hair authority and author of Cozy’s Complete Guide to Girls’ Hair  deals with this all the time at her salons.  “For some reason, some kids just love to cut (more like ‘prune’) their own hair …and sometimes the innocent tresses of other kids, too,” says Cozy. Cozy offers her tips in case this happens in your home:

*Don’t panic! Remember, hair always grows back.

*Take your child to a professional stylist who may be able to blend it (better than you can at home!).

*Employ hair clips, headbands, or hats…think of this as the perfect opportunity to experiment with accessories! A little accessories shopping spree may also sooth the hurt.

*Explain to your child that scissors are dangerous and not safe for children to use. Yes, I know you’ve done that already. Do it again.

*Try not to make your child feel bad about what happened. He or she feels pretty bad already, and if the disaster is on top of his/her head, it will just make him/her feel even worse.

Above all, try to remain calm, cool and collected. Remember to remain thankful that no harm was done, and that know you might have a budding professional hair stylist on your hands!

Stay Grateful!