When it Comes to Kids and Nourishment: Size Matters

The past few days I have read about and seen with my own eyes how businesses are taking note when comes to kids and size when it comes to food and drink.

This article in Well and Good NYC focuses on NYC juice bars and their kid sized juice drinks, made with familiar fruity flavors, no added sugar and light on ingredients such as ginger, which can certainly prompt a ‘yucky’ face from your darling offspring. Let’s avoid that at all costs, shall we? Speaking of costs: the junior size portions offer smaller price tags as well, making them a win/win for kids and parents.

At my local grocery store, I recently noticed both Zone and Clif have new kids sized bars. The petite size is certainly great for children but I see them as a perfect snack for adults as well. Pop one into your handbag, desk drawer or gym bag, and you’ll get less calories coupled with more vitamins and nutrients than you’ll ever get from one of my fave snacks, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Enough said.

Stay Healthy,