Visiting Glorious St. Cecilia


On Saturday night G and I visited the fabulous new St. Cecilia restaurant with our friends Jessica and Mark.

A true feast for the eyes and the palate, the stunning décor (designed by Meyer Davis Studio) was matched only by the food and drinks we could not seem to stop consuming.

I enjoyed a splendidly fresh salad adorned with juicy strawberries followed by the most tender and richly flavored mushroom risotto on record. Other items devoured at our table included octopus, sword fish and an adult beverage called a Bad Reputation. Which prompted me to sing this song. Don’t ask.

I highly recommend a visit to St. Cecilia. And I’d like to extend a gigantic kudos to Chef Ford Fry and his team of hospitality and culinary experts.

(BTW: These lovely photos of St. Cecilia are by Andrew Thomas Lee.)

Stay Hungry!