Top 3 Non-Boring Hostess Gifts


Top 3 Non-Boring Hostess Gifts

Give something your hostess will use and be done with

By Laura Carson Miller

It’s the time of year when we are getting together often, as summertime easily lends itself to weekend visits to see relatives or week long beach house rentals with good friends. No matter how you slice it, when traveling, especially if a wonderfully nice person invited you and is putting you up, you want to arrive with a thoughtful gift for your hostess that will ensure she knows how much you appreciate her. One of my criteria for gift giving is that it gets used up and goes away, so the recipient does not worry about bringing out some object the next time I show up! Here are a few ideas that aren’t the same ‘ole same ‘ole and will endear you as not only as a well-mannered guest but just a super cool person to boot.

The scent of Lavender has always beckoned me since I was a little girl.  And as a grown woman I indulge in it every single evening before bed. It’s calming, soothing, nurturing aroma can help take the edge off a bad day or a rough night.  The handcrafted *BabyMama Lavender Body and Massage Oil from Mama Hand Made Bath & Body makes a great gift for your hostess as it can be used on any and all members of the family, regardless of age.  It offers both soft, nourished skin and the amazing benefits of aromatherapy, all in one bottle.

If you’re like me and basically never met a cookie you didn’t love, prepare yourself for the greatness of *Byrd’s Famous Cookies from the darling town of Savannah, Georgia. There’s a good reason they’ve been selling cookies since 1924 and they have a variety of flavors to tickle your taste buds. My husband loves the Almond Shortbread and I can’t get enough of the Benne Wafer. If you show up for dinner or a weekend visit with some Byrd’s Famous Cookies, you’ll always be welcomed back with open arms! I recommend the Six Pack Bakery Bag Cookies Tray.

Are you visiting a white wine drinker? Surprise her with a bottle of Trimbach Pinot Blanc. I know Pinot Grigio and Pinot Gris are everywhere. That’s why you need to bring Pinot Blanc! (Here’s the difference, btw.) I was personally tiring of Pinot Grigio and ordered my first ever glass of Pinot Blanc while lunching al fresco at Bistro Niko with my pal Jessica last year. Now I am seeing it on more and more restaurant menus. You might also bring along a gift of a delightful White Pinot Noir, which was also a new one on me, first enjoyed at Horseradish Grill last month.

Wishing you safe and (extra fun) travels this summer!

*Full transparency:

The company or the public/media relations representative of the company provided a sample of the product. I write only about products and services in which I have a positive experience. This is not a forum where I discuss products I don’t like and why I don’t like them. Plenty of other people do that. If I’m writing about it I like it and want you to be in the know.