Tips for Packing the Perfect Suitcase


I’m going on a little get away soon and that means I have to decide what will go in my suitcase. It’s a no brainer that it will involve multi-tasking wardrobe, skin care and makeup items, not to mention jewelry that is long on wear and short on space.

White jeans are easy for this time of year, can be dressed up or down and lend themselves to a multitude of options when reaching for what to wear on top. Shorts in a khaki or other neutral shade (I have a blue gray pair I’ll be taking) also make for cute outfits with a simple t-shirt or blouse. Up your fashion quotient by adding one of those long scarves that are so popular right now ~ I have one from Lucky Brand and wear it constantly. It can also be wrapped around in a shawl type fashion so it’s great for those times when some idiot sets the air conditioner to sub-zero temps. You know how it can be airplanes or in some of these restaurants; I have to have some sort of defense, especially if I am wearing a sleeveless ensemble. That brings me to my other fave item to quell the AC chill, check out this lovely lightweight cardigan from J Crew. Just right over a little dress or a camisole top and skirt, and you can roll up the sleeves for a different look with jeans or shorts. If you can, just bring one bra with convertible straps that will with work with any of your outfits. You can rinse it out as needed in the evenings. For sun-centered trips, be sure to wear loads of SPF and bring swimsuits you can mix and match for the ultimate bikini wardrobe.

When it comes to accessories I truly think they make the look in most cases. Turquoise jewelry goes well with any neutral color and simple gold or silver hoops make you look pulled together, effortlessly. Same goes for thin multiple bangle bracelets – you get a lot of bang for your buck and you can wear as many or as few as you please each day.

Paring down one’s makeup and skin care items can be mind boggling, especially if you are a product junkie, so here are a few suggestions. A wonderful space saver is the Avon line of a.m/p.m. Refreshing Day Cleanser and Makeup Removing Night Cleanser, which has two chambers, all in one bottle. For lips and cheeks I love glominerals gloTint. I’ll brush a bit of Elizabeth Arden’s Pure Finish Mineral Powder Foundation SPF 20 on my t-zone while I’ll have a tiny package of blotting papers in my purse. (Don’t reapply powder if you can simply use blotting papers!) Bring one product to moisturize lips, cuticles and hands before bedtime. Something with argan oil would be ideal.

As for shoes, I’m packing Nike’s and these fabulous flat black gladiator sandals that I get compliments on every time I wear them! For the airport, gold leather flip-flops make for easy access as we forced to remove our shoes. Hello Homeland Security!

Please do share your packing tips with all of us as I know some you are on the go often. Sharing information helps everyone learn and gives us the opportunity to pass the news to others.

Hope you’re enjoying your summer,