Tips for Healthy Airport Eating


Whether you find yourself constantly traveling for work, just take a single vacation each year, or travel every holiday to see friends and relatives, when you’re at the airport and you’re hungry, it can be tempting to let those healthy eating habits you’ve cultivated fall by the way side.

I’ve enlisted the help of Tanya Zuckerbrot, MS, RD, a nutritionist and author of the F-Factor Diet, to offer expert advice on finding the best food choices, pre and post flight. Here are Tanya’s tips for purchasing healthier options on the go:

Beware of hidden ingredients. Stay away from any sandwiches laden with heavy mayonnaise or bacon. Also avoid tuna and egg salads, as these are often very high in fat due to the mayo. If available, opt for sandwiches with veggies and lean protein such as turkey or chicken with little to no mayonnaise.

Safe picks. Some delis or restaurants offer grilled chicken or a garden salad with dressing on the side, both of which are generally good picks.

The quick snack. Yogurts can often be purchased at airport food stands. Choose low-fat, reduced sugar versions. To add some crunch and fiber, bring individual portions of F-Factor Skinnys cereal (½ cup) and sprinkle on yogurt.

Fruit never fails. Fresh fruit or fruit salads sold at many stands are always a good, low fat bet.

Go Nuts! Many airport stores sell large bags of nuts mixed with dried fruit.   While nuts in moderation are great sources of heart healthy fat, one serving may range from 130-160 calories and 13 grams of fat. What’s more is many bags contain as many as 10 servings! If you tend to go overboard with portions, you would probably be better off bringing your own nuts in pre-measured amounts. A serving of nuts is about 1 ounce (23 almonds, 49 pistachios, or 30 peanuts).

Curb your hunger. If healthy food is nowhere in sight and your stomach is growling, grab a tall skim latte. The milk has some protein and calcium and may be enough to fill you up

Be prepared. Some portable snack options include: raw nuts (but keep the portions to about ¼ cup), soy nuts, fresh fruit, F-Factor bars, mini carrots, and bottled water.

Health is Wealth,