Time Saving Grooming Options for Travel


Time Saving Grooming Options for Travel

Spend less time on grooming – more on fun!

By Laura Carson Miller


When I’m traveling I personally do not want to spend a lot of time in the bathroom fussing over issues of grooming and the like. Good grief people, there is fun to be had!

Today I’m sharing a few ideas to help get you out of the bathroom and on to the streets – in record time!


I tend to think Americans over wash everything – face, hair, body, clothes, dishes, you name it, so it’s no surprise I know several suggestions for skipping the shower and still being all clean and fresh as a daisy. Unless you are totally gross you do not need a shower and taking one is a criminal waste of water. If you just need to wake up from the night before, splash your face with cold water. For your beautiful bod, use either this invisible spray body powder or these flushable/biodegradable wipes.


Your luscious locks should be seen and not heard while on vacation. As in the blow dryer not being heard (except to heat up my eyelash curler – which is a daily must) because you’ve outsmarted having to shampoo your hair on the daily and move the blowtorch all around it to have tantalizing tresses. If you have an oily scalp and tend to get greasy roots easily, at bedtime each night apply loose powder dry shampooto your roots. Really get in there and massage your scalp with your fingertips, like you would if you were using liquid shampoo. If you don’t plan to change your style at all while traveling, don’t have a particularly oily scalp and are perhaps extending a blowout, just powdering your roots every other night, then using light scalp massage is the winning formula. You will awake with lovely greasy free tresses, ready to face the day. If you’re a babe who likes a good bun or messy side braid, you’ll benefit more from the spray dry shampoo formula. Spray it not only on your roots at bedtime, but lightly through the lengths of your hair as well.  Massage your scalp with your fingertips. In the morning when you are ready to execute your style, turn your head upside down and brush through all lengths. Spray your bobby or hairpins with the dry shampoo before inserting them into your bun or braid. This will help give the pins and your hair strands good grip so your hair stays in place all day. Next day bun or braided hair, let loose from its confinement, is all kinds of glorious, by the way.


Ladies, when you combine your sunscreen and your face makeup, you save time and space, and show everyone, all over again, why you are the o wise one. Whether you like full coverage, medium coverage or a sheer tint, there are plenty of options that will help perfect your skin tone while aiding in protecting your from the sun. (This doesn’t mean you might not need a hat or time under a big shady umbrella! Be sensible!)

Now get out there and enjoy yourself.