The Evolution of Travel Planning


When it comes to taking a trip, what used to take forever, including being put on hold with airline, hotel or travel agent, can now be done with ease and speed, with the click of a button! My article of a few years ago, about how booking travel has evolved, is an interesting study in the past, present and future of seeing the world. Check it out here.

Last year G and I took several trips and my hands down favorite journey was to the fabulous city of Toronto. Somehow we got upgraded from a suite to a huge jaw dropping super chic suite at the Four Seasons and we strolled and shopped and saw sites while we ate and drank our way through gorgeous architecture, lush parks and the home of Club Monaco! I mean, when it comes to a vacation, what more can you ask for??

At the top of my ‘must-see’ travel list is all of Italy..where are you longing to visit? Spill! And if you’ve been to Italy, please do share your fave cities, etc., in the comments section below.

Safe and Happy Travels,