Put These Stellar Beauty Launches on Your Radar Now


Put These Stellar Beauty Launches on Your Radar Now

You don’t have to wait to enjoy these cool cosmetic newcomers

By Laura Carson Miller


For me, new beauty offerings always bring on a particular excitement, and I take comfort in knowing there will always be new wares to sample as each season of each year kicks off.  Check out a few of the freshest makeup items available to perk up your face – and your makeup drawer.

Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder Foundation

You can learn a lot about a person by what they want to do when they travel. I love a trip to NYC around Christmastime. I adore all the lights and the bustling streets, Trouble’s Trust bar at the New York Palace Hotel and the infectious over top fab-ness of NY in general, but my top reason for visiting is to hit up Bergdorf Goodman and shop in person for Charlotte Tilbury makeup. The feeling I get when I step off the escalator on the Beauty floor at Bergdorf’s is truly unmatched. My heart rate quickens with anticipation as I sashay over to the CT area, quickly surveying the full contents in one fell swoop, then laboring slowly over each, and, every, single, makeup, item, as my darling husband waits patiently, probably wishing for a cocktail. Yes, you can surely get Charlotte’s wares online and thank you Al Gore for inventing the internet so that is possible. (I joke, people.) But for my money I wait until I can see it all in person at Bergdorf’s.

Because she is our cosmetic fairy godmother, Charlotte listened to fans and is adding two new shades of her award-winning celebrity favorite Light Wonder Foundation. A light-as-air and breathable formula delivers just the perfect amount of coverage and leaves skin looking flawless – illuminated, smoother and more hydrated with every single use.

Light Wonder – launching in 2 new shades for $46 USD at www.charlottetilbury.com and launching worldwide September 6th, 2018.

Linda Wells Flesh Makeup Line

I’ve been a subscriber of Allure magazine since its inception, when Wells was editor of this then stellar (IMHO) publication known as ‘the beauty expert.’ In 2015 Wells was replaced by Michele Lee, who I’m sure is just a very wonderful gal but produces a mag I find really isn’t my cup of tea. I’ve noticed the size of the publication seems to be dwindling, meaning fewer articles and fewer advertisers, too. It’s become clear to me that I am no longer the Allure demographic. Which is totally fine, btw! Design is about progress, whether it is a magazine, a makeup line or your living room.

I’ll use this opportunity to share that I continually find myself looking for thebeauty publication I think suits the interests and educational needs of myself and my friends (and my Mum). Bazaar is great some months and others, frankly, it’s a complete disappointment. New Beauty is my favorite for product information and has THE BEST articles on the newest makeup, skincare and health/wellness information – which I love – but the truth is I wish they had a separate publication for all the injection and cosmetic surgery information and ads, which do not interest me at all.  I would much rather see more unique makeup and skin related products, the latest in nutritional news or coverage of fabulous spas to visit on vacation on those pages. Just my two cents, as both a journalist and beauty lover. PORTER was wonderful at first. I actually told people they managed to reinvent the fashion/beauty magazine. In the second year they lost me. Go figure.

Anyway, the super smart and gorgeous Wells now finds herself chief creative officer of Revlon and fulfiller of her own long time dream of creating her own makeup line. It’s got something for everyone and encompasses both meek and bold colors depending on what your horoscope suggests you should wear that day.  I do love a good horoscope. Susan Miller has a real gift.

Flesh Beauty has 12 products and 96 shades. It’s available at Ulta stores and Ulta.com.

Veil Cosmetics AutoMatte

A multitasker is gift that keeps on giving and the genius packed into the latest product from Veil Cosmetics will charm you from the get go. Yes. I said get go. What about it?

AutoMatte comes in one universal shade and works on every skin tone and type. This ultra-fine, non-drying, magical mattifier is at once powderless and powerful. It’s 100% vegan and cruelty-free weightless formulation creates a breathable veil of soft-focus perfection, leaving skin looking naturally smooth and flawless. In addition to a base or a touch up, it can be used to achieve the perfect matte look on your lips. Try dusting it on after applying balm, to smooth out the surface of your lips before adding color. Or use it over your eyelids as a primer to help eye shadow last longer and appear brighter.

Another feather in AutoMatte’s cap is its Super HD finish.  It’s truly imperceptible in person and on camera.  Rejoice, as you’ll get zero flashback.  This is super important for all you gorgeous social media buffs! Bring on the photos ops, because Sebastien Tardif,the mastermind of Veil Cosmetics and internationally acclaimed makeup artist, totally has your back. And naturally, your stunningly beautiful AutoMatte face.

AutoMatte is available on www.veilcosmetics.com for $39 USD