My #CurrentMood Beauty Picks


My #CurrentMood Beauty Picks

By Laura Carson Miller

It’s so true that beauty is as beauty does. While I’m all about taking care of myself with healthy food, Zen thoughts, fulfilling work, fun/challenging exercise, and loving relationships, I won’t deny that certain products do wonders for how I look and feel.

Here’s a round up of what is currently rocking my beauty world:

*Amour Liquide Crème de la Crème

As a lotion connoisseur I make it my business to seek out the most moisturizing and best smelling offerings. Memoire Liquide’s Amour Liquide scent intoxicates with a top note of Black Orchid, a Tonka Bean and Madagascar Vanilla middle note, and an Incense base. Massaging it into my hands on a recent flight, I was asked by several passengers about the lovely scent. I happily shared the name with my eager admirers’ who are certainly spreading the Memoire Liquide love all over this beautiful world as we speak.

*Skinn Cosmetics by Dimitri James Plasma Fusion Setting Veil

This powder actually contains anti-aging ingredients in addition to the ability to brighten your complexion. Now here this: my fave way to use it is before applying any makeup! After cleansing, applying serum and moisturizer with SPF to my face, I use a large brush to apply to Plasma Fusion Setting Veil to my eyebrows and over my closed lids and under eye area. It helps brow and eye makeup to adhere better and keeps shadow from changing color over the course of the day. Longing for plush lashes? A touch of this powder prior to applying mascara takes your lash look to new levels.

*bareMinerals Skinlongevity Vital Power Infusion

Because I’m such a fan of bareMinerals Complexion Rescue (my Mother even uses it now) the moment this new serum hit the shelves I had to try it. Naturally I was not disappointed. The formula has a light feel and sinks right into the skin with no greasy residue. My pillowcase thanks you, bareMinerals. The topnotch ingredient in this face, neck and decollate delight is the Long Life Herb, grown on the island of Okinawa. Whatever. All I know is my skin looks glowy and I get lots of compliments and am told I don’t look anywhere near my age. And my birthday is coming next week so there’s that!

*Bobbi Brown Brightening Finishing Powder in Nude

Speaking of my birthday, I bought this Bobbi Brown product for myself 2 birthdays ago and it has been the cosmetic equivalent of a fairy godmother for me. Some days I use it as a blush/bronzer type combo, with an extra swipe over the pink square. Other days I use it as an all over powder, treading lightly on the pink square and a little more heavily on the pearlized one. When used all over it’s important to use a good brush and buff it into your skin. It gives a beautiful glow that is not Vegas-y but actually more like the contented radiance you get during an Arizona spa vacation. It is well worth price and will last you forever. A dab will do ya.

*Chia Seeds

You need to be eating these. I don’t care where you buy them just make sure they are the real thing. These little seeds are full of fiber and protein and antioxidants and calcium. Important for everyone but especially important if you are vegetarian or vegan. I add these to all sorts of foods – salads, soups, oatmeal, smoothies, and anything I bake such as breads, cookies or veggie casseroles. You can soak them to make a really interesting gel as well, that you can add to recipes to give you added energy and mega health benefits. I’m a bit late but am about to jump on the overnight chia seed pudding bandwagon.

*My New Best Friend, Tracy Anderson

After reading about Tracy for years and how she works with Gwyneth and other one namers, I decided to Google her only to find out her CD sets are pricey and not so good for folks such as me with questionable knees. (The dancing and jumping around she does in her CD’s = not so much.) But what I did learn is you can find her short videos on You Tube and when you try one you won’t believe your eyes or your muscles. I’ve been doing the Standing Arm exercises which look so easy but AREN’T, and the Standing Abs as well. I already see a difference in my arms and my abs after 2 weeks of doing this stuff about every 2 days. It’s miraculous. (You’re welcome. And…Imagine if I made a super serious commitment?) Oh, and a birthday shout out to fab Tracy, who shares my birthday, March 3rd.

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