Molly and Rachel: What’s Wrong With People? A Spring Style Story


Molly and Rachel: What’s Wrong With People?

A Spring Style Story

By Laura Carson Miller

“You know I’m having the salmon tarte, per usual,” Molly told the server standing at the table chatting with Rachel, all wide eyed and with a smile to match, as she breezed onto the Bistro Niko patio, showcasing her Free People Indigo Ever After Kaftan and the Frye Addie Shoulder Bag she’d told Rachel about in a text the day before. “Sorry I’m late…work is totally on my nerves. I have a deadline in a few days and my interview source wants to talk on the phone…can you imagine that? A phone interview? What is wrong with people?,” she asked the two women, but before they could respond unleashed another question as she turned to Rachel: “did you already order wine?”

As Rachel nodded at Molly and the server excused herself to retrieve the beverages in question, Molly took in her friends Aerin Embroidered Shoulder Bag with Chain and her ensemble of white jeans with J.Crew long sleeve off the shoulder top as they stood up to share a warm embrace. As they unlatched Rachel said empathetically, “I totally feel ya. I’ve got a major brand wanting me to host a big event…for no pay!” Eye rolls all around as they reseated themselves and moved on to tartes and wine – and more juicy subjects.

“A friend of mine told me her cousin recently went to Colorado to take care of a friend who had a delicate surgery,” Molly shared betweens bites of tarte. “She was staying at the friends condo with her after she was released from the hospital but immediately post op she had to text both this woman’s husband AND her boytoy to let them know she made it through the surgery okay. Talk about gonads!!”

Practically speechless, which was rare, Rachel was cutoff before she was able to voice her disgust, and confusion, by a mutual friend who approached their table in a show stopping ensemble of Gap Girlfriend Shorts rolled as high as possible, a linen top and sexy espadrille wedge sandals.

“OMG – I love your look!” Molly exclaimed, looking her up and down like a judge at the Westminster Dog Show. You knew a teeth check was coming. Hopefully she’d not eaten yet and there was no food stuck between her teeth.

‘Thanks so much! Its my look for spring, summer and fall, until it’s too cold to sport shorts,” the gorgeous red head replied. “I‘ve always loved long sleeves with shorts and it keeps the sun off my arms. Ah, the sun…a blessing and a curse…”

“Well,” Rachel huffed, “news flash! I recently learned that I shouldn’t be wearing long, dangling earrings because of my face shape,” she relayed dryly, “which was, as you can imagine, quite the blow!! But who’s gonna argue with Kate and Pippa? You can’t. You just cant!”

Red touched her shoulder in a comforting manner, remarking, “This just reinforces that diamond studs are a girls best friend. One of my best girlfriends wears pearl earrings all the time. They light up her face and look great with every outfit. She loves having one less fashion choice to make each day.”

“Have you spoken to Delaney about her Puerto Rico trip?” Red asked with the seriousness of an E! News host. “How her friend packed up herself and her boyfriend and left literally the next morning because the rest of group didn’t want to go to the golf tournament one afternoon with a hurricane about to hit?” She paused for effect.

“A freakin’ hurricane! And she whined and complained like a spoiled brat? What is wrong with people?”

Red was waving her hands and arms in the air for emphasis, her David Yurman Crossover cuff  sliding up and down.  Her animated antics were attracting attention from a group of businessmen at the next table. Her mile long legs cloaked in NARS Monoï Body Glow were like a bronzed magnet to boot. You do the math.

“I had coffee with her at Starbucks last week and she told me all the details,” Molly confirmed, brushing her silky blonde hair behind her left ear as she glanced over at the group of handsome biz men, who were discussing the merits of $CHD versus $PG. “I cannot get over our self-important society! This woman clearly thinks all roads lead to her. She found herself on the road back home, didn’t she?”

“But I tell ya this, I’m so glad all my Tweets to Starbucks ultimately worked,” she continued. “It’s nice to finally enjoy almond milk in a joint I’ve funded all these years. Plus I’m a shareholder. I mean, come on, man! But they have got to get the mobile order thing worked out. The mobile orderers are hogging all the baristas, making us non mobile orders wait longer in line. I was almost late for my hair appointment last week! ”

Rachel took a long drink of Whispering Angel Rosé, showing off her Tom Ford Indian Pink manicure, prior to letting loose about her new living situation. “I wonder if my neighbor drinks a lot of coffee, because he is sooooo loud! It sounds like he is jumping off the kitchen counters in a pair of platform shoes,” she lamented, “and that is just the beginning. He slams each and every single door he encounters, morning, noon and night! And he is a massage therapist for the love of God! The spa like atmosphere of his job is definitely not spilling over into his home life! Again: what is wrong with people?” she asked, shaking her head and looking to the heavens, as her glossy brunette hair, styled in a high ponytail, glistened in the afternoon sun.

To be continued…