The Dynamic Duo For Your Best Hands and Nails


The Dynamic Duo For Your Best Hands and Nails

Used daily, these two products will make a difference you and everyone else will notice

By Laura Carson Miller


Many of you know that I worked in the salon and spa business for years, doing several different jobs in my career.  One was licensed manicurist. I did manicures and pedicures and considered a big (and very rewarding!) part of my job as not only beautifying the nails but also offering tips to keep the hands, feet and nails beautiful and healthy.

I had many a client with gnarly cuticles sit down across from me at my manicure table practically insisting I magically wield my nippers to devoid them of the dry irritated skin that was making their hands and nails look way less than stellar. As I explained to them that cutting the cuticles was what brought them this ugly outcome in the first place, I did my best to soothe both their cuticles and their ego by recommending cuticle oil every day. And by every day I mean every single number on the calendar and daytime and evening use forever and ever until the end of time.

Cutting off all your cuticles is a health hazard, if you didn’t already know, and as they grow back they not only look terrible but can be dry, irritated and easily snag on clothing or accessories, or any ‘ole thing, which is both painful and an invitation for infection.  Your cuticles protects your nails from bacteria (think about all the people and things you touch each day!!) and you are doing yourself a true disservice by chopping them off.  If you go to a salon where the manicurist cuts off your cuticles each time just know the joke is on you and they are only getting you into a vicious cycle where you wake up and look at your hands and say, ‘Oh, look at my hideous cuticles! Time for a mani!”  They are NOT making you look good by cutting off your cuticles. They are attempting to cement future mani services from you. Don’t fall for it!!

Using cuticle oil daily will help your cuticles stay moisturized. This is important because it not only helps them to look beautiful, it helps to remain healthy and flexible which makes them easy to gently push back when you do manicures. Pushing the cuticles back (gently!!) is completely fine and allows your nail plate to be clean for a buff or polish application.

I have cuticle oil at my desk so I can apply it while I’m working and I also have it by my bedside so I can apply it before I drift off to dreamland.

Cuticle oil comes in a variety of price points and scents, so no excuses!

Here are three of my favorite cuticle oils:

Sally Hansen Big Cuticle Oil

CND Solar Oil

Blossom Beauty Scented Cuticle Oil

Now that we’ve discussed part one of your ‘must-use’ routine for your best hands and nails, let’s move on to part two.

I’m here to tell you that hand cream is your friend.

You may associate hand cream with your grandmother or think of it as something that is merely part of a manicure service but I beg to differ. Nightly use of hand cream (and some daytime use too, if you know what’s good for you) will up your hand and nail game immediately! No lines. No waiting. Apply BOTH your cuticle oil and hand cream just a few times in the evening and you will see such an amazing difference you will want to keep it up!

Keep a beautiful tube or jar of hand cream by your bedside, so that each evening at bedtime you first apply your cuticle oil to each nail, tracing the u-shaped cuticle area, then using the brush to paint a large X on the back of each hand. Rub the cuticle oil in on each finger then place the backs of your hands together and rub the cuticle oil in until it all absorbs.  Now apply your hand cream and rub until it disappears. Rub the cream into all your nails and cuticles.

My three fave hand creams:

Molton Brown Orange & Bergamot Hand Cream

SLIXIR Hand & Polish Cream

Savannah Bee Company Beeswax Hand Cream

All this moisture will help your polish stay on much better (SLIXIR is specifically designed for this, btw!) and your hands, nails and cuticles will look gloriously vibrant and healthy.  You will have angelically soft hands, noticed and appreciated by anyone who touches them.  Think about all the time and effort you put into your facial skincare and how fab your face looks as a result. The world sees your hands, nails and cuticle each and every day, the same way they do our faces. It is very much worth the time and effort to procure cuticle oil and hand cream and use them nightly.

Trust me, you will reap what you sow when you make a habit of this dynamic duo.

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