Kids and Adults Alike Dig Stars and Strikes

SAS Woodstock

Kids and Adults Alike Dig Stars and Strikes

By Laura Carson Miller

Let me begin by saying Stars and Strikes is, well, really awesome, and I’ve been there so I know of what I speak.

Why, Laura, is it so awesome, you might ask?

Well – are you sitting down? Because it starts when you walk in and see the bright colors and flashing lights and hear dinging bells and lots of giggles. You are reminded of a sort of Vegas casino type situation except that there are small people running around all over the place overcome with glee.

I visited the Roswell Road location in the Sandy Springs area of Atlanta where one of my nieces was attending a birthday party. The adults in my group felt the need to fuel up before gaming and I don’t mean on petrol, so we bellied up to a very comfortable bar that turned out to be hard to leave! I was majorly impressed with their food selection (they had actual eats for vegetarians, including some delicious fried green beans!) and they had Luna Nuda, one of my go-to Pinot Grigios, so I considered this place a total win even before I ever watched my six year old niece tear it up on the NASCAR track (as my sister in law urged, ‘Keep pressing the gas! Keep pressing the gas!’) or revisited my inner teenager with some skeeball. Seriously, who doesn’t love skeeball? I sent out an Instagram photo with this very question attached. You might need to reassess your life if you don’t like skeeball.

Stars and Strikes has 5 locations and will soon be opening a sixth in Woodstock as their supreme awesomeness can not, nor should it be, contained. “Stars and Strikes has seen and heard demand from the residents of Cherokee County and the surrounding area for a while now,” said Jack Canouse, managing partner and co-founder of Stars and Strikes. “With these families in mind, we are excited to finally answer their requests by bringing a family-focused entertainment center to the Woodstock-Marietta-Canton-Kennesaw area that guests of any age can enjoy.”

The new location is located at 10010 GA 92 in Woodstock – right off Interstate 575. The 50,000 square foot facility will house eight VIP lanes in their signature Blue Room, 20 state-of-the-art bowling lanes, a two-story laser tag arena, laser maze, bumper cars, game room with prize store, private birthday party rooms, multiple private event spaces, full-service bars, big screen TVs and projection screens in private event spaces.

So with that in mind you can plan your next party (for your child or yourself) knowing you’ve got the food and the entertainment covered, and that skeeball is always on the menu.

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