How To: The Rodarte-Inspired Messy Braid


I love this hairstyle as it’s both classy and Bohemian and a look I think I’ll be sporting this fall! LCM Beauty Tip: A product I personally use (and adore) to create texture and long lasting hold is Sally Hershberger’s Major Body 3-in-1 Volumizing Spray. Spray both your hair and your bobby pins with it before you begin styling. Also, always place bobby pins into the hair with the bumpy side to your head, not the straight side. This will provide extra hold for your style. Now on to the how-to:

“It’s a lot easier to recreate than you think,” explains guest contributor Steph Brinkerhoff. “It’s best to start on wavy or second-day hair to give the look added texture. It also doesn’t hurt to spray a little hairspray or spray wax in it beforehand to add a little grip and grunge. Here’s how to get the look…”

  1. Beginning on wavy hair, take a medium to large section (depending on how thick your hair is) close to your right ear.
  2. Braid the section going from the front to the back.
  3. Repeat on the opposite side.
  4. Bring both braids to the back and secure them with an elastic.
  5. Loosen and mess up both braids by pulling on them gently with your fingers.
  6. Take one braid and wrap it up and around itself, creating a small braided bun.
  7. Secure with bobby pins.

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