How Hotels Create a Zen-Like Atmosphere


Have you ever wondered how hotels achieve the serene and comforting ambiance they provide to a huge range of guests on a daily basis? A lot goes in to creating spaces that are both inviting and exciting, and doing so within a certain square footage and budget limits makes for an interesting puzzle.

Hotels create atmosphere by engaging you with things you do and don’t see with the naked eye. While the architecture and furnishings can be plush and comfortable, and a cozy space with a roaring fire will beckon you to relax and enjoy your drink there after a long day or work or play, so much more is taking place to create a positive memory for you that you will hopefully share with others.

The decorum of the staff is paramount in making you feel welcome and supremely cared for. Ensuring that all staff members are on the same page in their treatment and dealings with guest goes a long way toward a happy customer, and one that will gladly return. Classes on guest etiquette and rewards for hotel employees that go above and beyond play a key role in hotels that produce top ratings from guests.

Lighting is a main source of the relaxing Zen-like ambiance most hotels strive to create. By letting natural light come through large windows, showcasing the architecture and décor of a hotel during day light hours, guests get a feeling of wellness and energy to help take through their daily activities. In the evenings light provides the role of both relaxation and fun in more intimate areas, such as inside the hotel bar and, provides security with spotlights and various motion sensored lighting outside. In the ever-popular hotel spa space, lighting is again a key element in helping you attain your Zen mood. Dim lighting, often in the form of recessed lights, fosters a calming, nurturing ambiance where guests can easily relax and let go of daily stresses.

In addition to elaborate spas, many more hotels now offer extensive health related services, including updated and expanded workout facilities and special meal services for vegan, gluten free or other desired diets.

Hotels use a variety of colors to lull guests to relax and enjoy the time spent in their guest rooms. Neutral and earth tones shades for walls are always popular and surveys report guests find them the most restful. Dimmer switches on bedside lights allow each person to control their own lighting destiny, while bathroom lighting is designed down to the very last detail. After all, if you are woman applying makeup and styling your hair in there, you want every inch of the room lit up like a holiday tree! Topnotch bed linens and the most comfortable possible mattresses make getting a good nights rest a piece of cake. Some hotels even offer information to purchase the linens and mattresses so you can recreate the experience in your bedroom.

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