Financial Fashion: New Highs or New Lows?



I’m a fan of financial television and watch CNBC and Fox Business on a regular basis.

Last year when it was announced that Maria Bartiromo was leaving CNBC after 20 years, naturally I, along with the rest of the CNBC faithful, wondered who would step in. Obviously we now know it’s Kelly Evans, whom they groomed right up until she took over the coveted 4pm time slot. Kelly is smart and can be tough as nails when she needs to be, which has endeared her to me. She also has pretty hair and usually wears lovely, simple dresses, which I also appreciate. I must say the CNBC women are hands down winners in the wardrobe category as they go for dresses, usually in pleasing jewel tones with uncomplicated necklines and minimalist jewelry. (I really enjoyed the Elle magazine article featuring CNBC’s Kayla Tausche; it was informative and fun.)

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming…in other words back to Maria!

I get a kick out of her in her new time slot at 9am, on her new station, Fox Business. I’ll be the first to tell you that I am not a big fan of the fellows CNBC shows in the like hour. I’m sure they are all nice guys in their daily lives, but they cannot hold a candle to Maria on their best day. Maria has wit and charm, and a bundle of great guests. It is always a pleasure when I switch over and find her chatting with Keith McCullough, who arguably has the best hair in the entire financial services industry, rivaled perhaps only by the fabulous Gemma Godfrey. McCullough used to be on CNBC, but now, well… simply is not. Just like Maria. (Josh Brown, another of my financial faves, has taken over the out spoken, tell it like it is role for CNBC. Along with Guy Adami, Brown keeps CNBC worth watching at noon and 5pm. Brown’s Twitter, @reformedbroker, is a must follow. Adami should be the example the other men follow, as he sports his natural hair, and looks great doing it, sans the horrific dye jobs of some of the other male Fast Money panelists.)

In this telling interview with Time Inc. CEO Joseph Ripp, Maria mentions how some magazines are better enjoyed in print than in digital form. She mentions fashion publications specifically! I couldn’t agree more, Maria. Take a look/listen here, and please do share your comments below on financial fashion hits and misses.

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  1. Laura

    I’d like to take this opportunity to say that Melissa Lee is flawless in style…her wardrobe, makeup and hair, ALWAYS PERFECTION.

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