Crystal Peel


Did you know that Crystal Peel holds the original patent on microdermabrasion (*U.S. Patent # 6,290,975)? Sold for many years under private label to plastic surgeons, dermatologist and medical spas, it is now available to the public. With various products to choose from, including some specially formulated for the man in your life, Crystal Peel can cover all the bases when it comes to your exfoliation needs.

The Microdermabrasion Exfoliator is the star of the show. Full disclosure: I am normally not a fan of any kind of scrub for the face. I find them too harsh and since my skin is sensitive I normally avoid them. When I tried this out on the back of my hand, it felt smooth going on and not at all rough or scratchy. So I tried it on my face and I loved it. Because it offers what the company calls a ‘controlled abrasion’ it helps reduce fine lines, discoloration and large pores. Plus it helps to stimulate new collagen, a huge bonus.

I also tried the Microdermabrasion Exfoliating Soap Bar, which was a hit with both my husband and myself. This is great to use prior to applying self tanner or just a few times a week to keep skin smooth and renewed. Again, it has a clean and smooth feel while on the skin and is in no way a harsh product.

Lastly and certainly not leastly, Crystal Peel has three new lip products: Lip Plump, Vitamin E Lip Therapy and Lip Renewal Exfoliator. With these products in hand you are ready for the upcoming winter weather when cold air outside and hot air inside tend to leave us all with a flaking and sometimes even cracked pout. They offer exfoliating, moisturizing and plumping, so your lips will be ready for anything.

Crystal Peel products are both gentle and effective and provide excellent results. If you are new to skin exfoliation or what one might call an ‘old pro’, the look and feel of your skin will improve with the use of products that exfoliate the skin. Cell turn over is vital in order for our other skin products to work effectively and for treatment of discoloration, flaking and fine lines and wrinkles. Take control of your skin with regular microderabrasion action, which you can now do in your own home with Crystal Peel!

*Crystal Peel provided sample products the writer for testing.

Laura Carson Miller is an internationally published freelance lifestyle writer and beauty expert. She writes for magazines and the web. Her website is