Crewcuts for LAURA!


There are really no words to describe how much I love this Crewcuts Girls Furry Puffer Coat.

It’s amazing for several reasons.

The first is that this is the hybrid of my two fave most recently purchased items, a navy sleeveless puffy vest from J. Crew, and a sleeveless faux furry vest from Club Monaco. The second severely awesome thing about this girls coat is that it comes in size 16 and I can wear Crewcuts for girls in size 16!! I have a Crewcuts girls summer frock in a size 16 that fits great, if maybe its a teeny tad short in length when I sit down…who cares…what are long, faux tanned summer legs about anyway if a person can’t wear a short dress..

So…I don’t need another jacket but WOWZA, I’m tempted to buy this thing and keep it wrapped up as a pretty present until my other jackets fall apart and I find myself NEEDING a jacket! Then I can whip out this beautifully wrapped box and bestow a wonderful gift upon myself. And as I open it I can say aloud, “Perfect! I really needed a jacket! Thank you so much, Laura!!”

Stay warm and cozy!