Bryce Has a Rainbow Surprise for You


Celebration coming up? News you want to share? Birthdays or anniversaries to commemorate? (And can I just say that in my book commemorating Saturday is totally acceptable when it comes to cake baking/devouring excuses. If you even require an actual excuse.)

When I saw this insanely fun and colorful cake on The Luxury Spot, the blog of the lovely and talented and hysterically comical Bryce Gruber-Hermon, I knew I had to share it here on the Style File.

Perfect for so many occasions, as Bryce mentions, I totally see this being a huge hit at any kid party or a party where you invite chicks over and impress them with this cake, icy cold champagne and some marathon guilty pleasure TV watching. You tell ‘em it was my idea.

You’re welcome.

Stay sweet!


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  1. Laura

    Hi Mara! Just click on ‘insanely fun and colorful cake’ , then click where it says ‘image and recipe from Tablespoon.’ It gives all the ingredients and instructions to make it!

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