Charming Charleston: On My Radar


Charming Charleston: On My Radar

By Laura Carson Miller

After visiting Charleston recently, I had to ask myself, and my husband, why we had not been back in so many years.

On our original visit, probably close to twenty years ago, we stayed at a quaint bed and breakfast near the water. This time we enjoyed luxury accommodations at The Spectator Hotel. The Spectator is a spectacular boutique hotel located downtown, close to the Charleston City Market, if that is your thing, and close your eyes and throw a rock, because every restaurant is outstanding.

The Spectator has only been open for about 8 months. This was thrilling to me as I figured that is just less time for peoples germs, or god forbid, bedbugs, to buildup in the plush rooms and gorgeously decorated common areas. Guests are greeted with the option of imbibing in that days signature cocktail at check in, and the Spectator bar opens each day at 4pm. Every single thing about The Spectator was clean and pristine and simply fabulous.

The hotel offers complimentary bikes but we opted to hoof it. We were excited to be blessed with nice weather each day. Why find some place to park a bike when you can so easily park yourself at the Vendue rooftop bar sans bicycle baggage? We enjoyed lovely dinners at Slightly North of Broad and Magnolias, along with daytime stops at the aforementioned Vendue and The Oyster House, where naturally we goggled up a fried version of the delicacy served atop a spinach and sausage mixture that was out of this world. It’s called The Oyster House. You do the math.

For people with shopping on the brain (raises hand) Charleston offers delightful boutiques including Candlefish, where I purchased fantastic hand painted cards and lavender incense, and The Savannah Bee Company where I left with beeswax votives and 2 jars of honey. The small jar of acacia honey made it home with me while the larger jar of Charleston honey was unearthed when the eagle eyed TSA man saw it in the suitcase we were (attempting) to carry on. My sweet husband went to the trouble to have the honey sent back home to us. I’m still awaiting its arrival. When I actually lay eyes on it I will make biscuits in its honor. Oh, and in other shopping news the nice lady at Candlefish told me they are opening an Atlanta store. She did not know the exact location.

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