Sugar: Just Cuz You’re Super Duper


I’ve been telling family and friends for years that while it is certainly not necessary to get me any birthday or holiday gifts, if they insist on gifting me I prefer something that does not stay around. (Unless of course it is a fabulous handbag, pair of shoes, or a super cozy throw or a sleek Nespresso machine, but I DIGRESS.) I want to enjoy your gift and if there is anything left of it, place it lovingly in the recycling bin. Candles, beauty products, champagne and flower bulbs are all presents I love to happily bestow and accept.

Food gifts are also high atop my list of preferred currency when giving or receiving. And these wares from Maggie Louise Confections (including the Sugar Chocolate Charm Box) are fitting for any occasion, especially the no-occasion, just cuz you’re super duper, occasion.

Check it out, you get:

(5) dark chocolate letters

(4) milk chocolate gingerbread men

(5) white chocolate gumballs filled with cream caramel + sea salt

(5) white chocolate peppermints filled with chocolate caramel + sea salt

(2) milk chocolate sweety candies filled with peanut butter candy

and a partridge in a pear tree! (not really but I couldn’t resist!)

Happy Holidays!

Stay Festive,