3 Reuses for a Single Cup Coffee Pod


Like many of you, I have one of those nifty single cup coffee makers. It is wildly convenient to use, but as we all know the pods can be expensive and very, very wasteful in terms of the overall environment. Used coffee pods are piling up in landfills all over the country, and while Keurig says it plans to make all coffee pods recyclable by 2020, that helps no one in 2014.

I have one of those reusable single cup filters and it gets a good workout here in the Miller household. Still I must admit it is a pain to get the grounds out of it, blah, blah, blah, first world problems…I KNOW. When I purchase the actual ready to use pods, I make it like a treat, and I buy them on sale! I also have multiple uses for each pod so I can attempt to feel better when I toss it into the garbage. I truly am all about this reuse and recycle thing, people!

Let me tell you about the ways I use brewed cooled (important: don’t be doing any of the things below with HOT coffee) black (it has to be plain black…absolutely no additives) coffee from my coffee pods after the initial cup of coffee I consume:

*Make coffee ice cubes

Yes, iced coffee is much, much better when you pour the coffee over coffee ice cubes. Get yourself some ice trays at the grocery store. Use one of the smaller cup settings on your coffee maker and run water through the already used pod. Let the coffee cool and pour into ice trays. I have several re purposed jars I use for brewed coffee waiting in the fridge so I can make coffee ice cubes all summer long!

*Add to water as plant fertilizer

Acid loving plants such as orchid, azalea, hydrangea, fern and gardenia will welcome water with a bit of cooled brewed black coffee mixed in. Add a tablespoon or two to a gallon of water. Forego the pricey plant food and just reuse your coffee pods. Use the same coffee you make ice cubes with! You and your plants can feel good about it!

*Rinse for brunette hair

Coffee contains all sorts of lovely vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Did you know that most Americans get their largest amount of antioxidants per day from their java habit?? Anyway, pour some brewed cooled black coffee right on to your brunette hair after rinsing out your conditioner for added shine, strength and a boost of rich chocolaty color. Give another quick rinse and carry on.

Now that I’ve gotten your thoughts brewing about coffee pods and how to reuse them, do you have favorite uses for them after the initial cup? Will you try the uses I’ve suggested here? Please do share in the comments section below.

Stay Resourceful!



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