Top 3 Hot Kitchen Design Trends


Top 3 Hot Kitchen Design Trends

The newest kitchens often boast these stylish elements

By Laura Carson Miller


For some people the kitchen is a place where lot of hours are logged, happily or not, and for others it’s merely a place where coffee is made in the morning and takeout dished onto (throw away) plates at night.   Either way, kitchens are big sellers when purchasing a house, condo or townhouse and can make or break a decision to rent a particular apartment.

As with all things style and trend, common interior design themes ebb and flow with the times, often going in and out and coming back again before the owner chooses to renovate a space.

I recently completed an interior design class on kitchen design and décor, and as usual, I constantly have my nose tucked in all manner of design magazines, so let’s talk about the top 3 hot trends in kitchen design.

1. Subway tile

While white is the most common and considered the best bet for resale, I’ve seen every color from turquoise to coral used in backsplash designs and on island tabletops. Spice up your subway tile by using various grout colors and pattern options if you want something more unique.  Laying the tile in a vertical pattern for a backsplash instead of the more oft used running bond is an easy way to offer a dose of interesting kitchen eye candy without freaking people out.

2. Creative hardware

These days not only is the mixing and matching of kitchen hardware acceptable, it’s practically encouraged.  Years ago the mixing of metals in hardware, such as brushed nickel faucets with gold drawer pulls, was greatly frowned upon.  Not so in the current design climate.  If mixing of metals is still crossing a line in your mind, using the same metal but different drawer knob and cabinet door pull designs can show your creativity while still offering a unified look. For a very eclectic look, choose knobs and pulls from Anthropologie, World Market or Pottery Barn.  You can easily mix solids, florals and patterns, just keep one common color going throughout. You can even mix patterned or floral choices with solid metal for a looked customized by you!

3. Kitchens in disguise

Somewhere, somehow, someone decided it would be delightful to attempt to disguise the kitchen by covering all the appliances with paneled fronts to match the cabinets. Personally I’ve never understood why it’s undesirable to see a dishwasher or refrigerator in a kitchen.  I actually like walking into my kitchen to be greeted by those items, as it’s what the room is used for, right? I’m not trying to act like this isn’t the kitchen, but to each their own, of course!  The newest kitchens sometimes have armoire type custom built units to hide everything from the pantry to the microwave, mixer, toaster and or blender.  The instructor of my interior design classes says she designs every new kitchen with an end cabinet that serves as a hidden charging station for phones, tablets and what not, often above a small built in desk area.

I find it interesting that depending upon the people living in a space, the kitchen can be a swirling hub of activity or a place seldom graced by human touch. My interior design class instructor said she recently designed a very expensive and high-tech kitchen for a client who absolutely does not cook.  The kitchen was designed with resale in mind, and for ease of function when caterers come in for parties or large dinners.

If you want to renovate your existing kitchen, are designing a completely new build or if you’re just looking to switch out your tired old drawer knobs for something from the twenty first century, this information will certainly help get your creative juices flowing. It is about kitchens after all.