Plants From Friends and Family: The Very Best Gifts


Plants From Friends and Family: The Very Best Gifts

Much more meaningful than so much of the stuff out there…

By Laura Carson Miller


All who know me well know my love for flowers and plants. Our yard is filled with bushes and bulbs (and garden statues) from our grandparents and parents properties. Furthermore, our yard, happily, is not the cookie cutter yard with grass and seasonal flowerbeds that many of our neighbors opt to perpetuate. Frankly we have never understood paying someone to fertilize grass that you then pay that person or company (or in some cases an additional person or company) to mow and edge and manicure. My husband decided years ago he did not want to waste time mowing grass. We have ground cover (even some that others consider nuisance plants such as Bishop’s Weed, which has a lovely variegated leaf and while yes, it can be invasive, is beautiful in our landscape and we love it) mixed in with bushes and flowers that grow seasonally, such as iris, hosta, gardenia and azalea.  Having a yard overflowing with plants and flowers from family and friends gives us great joy. Pulling weeds or dead heading flowers takes on a whole new perspective when you are nurturing a living wonder bestowed on you by someone you love.  We are lucky enough to have the gift of propagation on our side and have given plants from cuttings to many a family member and friend over the years.  My girlfriends particularly love my grandfathers’ gardenias. I feel his beating heart in each one I pass on.

For my March birthday this year I received two very special gifts. Both currently reside happily and healthily in pots on our back deck.  One is from my sister and brother in law – a stunning Lady Laura camellia plant from a Louisiana nursery. The other is an Agapanthus given to me by one of my oldest and dearest friends.  (The man who introduced me to my fabulous husband!!)  I simply can’t wait for the first gorgeous flower to come forth on Lady Laura and I gently and patiently speak to my Agapanthus daily, assuring her we will be right here when she is ready to show us her first sprout.

Both of these plants will be with me until my dying day, continuing their splendor year after year.  When it’s time for me to go they can be passed onto a loved one and so on and so on. This is the stuff that is meaningful to me.  This is the stuff that creates bliss in my life.  The right stuff in each and every way.

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