Sunny Skies Call For Sensational Sunrooms


Sunny Skies Call For Sensational Sunrooms

It’s my favorite room in my house and probably your house as well…

By Laura Carson Miller



There are multiple reasons our sunroom holds the top spot in my heart for rooms in our house. Is it the super high white vaulted ceiling? Is it the exposed brick with cool arched niche my husband built with his own two hands?  Is it the French doors all around he recovered from a restaurant at the corner of Piedmont and East Paces that was shutting down? (That he then installed himself. He’s beyond amazing, around the house and in general, btw!)  It’s all of those and more.

So many things about our sunroom draw me in and don’t release their gleeful grip until it is just unbearable for me to be in it.  It is not climate controlled so to speak. There is a ceiling fan and a window unit air conditioner that is old and loud and I am much happier without it running. Don’t care how hot it gets. When colder weather hits I move a heater out there as I use it as greenhouse type situation to winter over all my deck plants and flowers.  As long as I can I will wrap up in a cozy throw and watch football in my fave room with a hot beverage.  During warmer months I am in the sunroom all the time! On scorching hot Atlanta days, of which there are SO MANY, when returning from anywhere I go immediately to the sunroom and plop myself down on the Smith & Hawken furniture we bought when the store used to be on Peachtree Road near Peachtree Battle shopping center. Do you Atlantan’s remember that store? Well this furniture turned out to be a great investment.  It takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin’. Truly.

For more on sunrooms please click this link to an article I wrote for called Sunny Side In: Sunroom Design Trends and Tips. Lots of great photos to spur your imagination if you are looking to update your sunroom space or are thinking of building one on your existing structure. So many fun ways to make it the fave room in your house!

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