New Chandelier? Easy Tips for Choosing a Style Winner


New Chandelier? Easy Tips for Choosing a Style Winner

By Laura Carson Miller

If you think a chandelier is something that belongs only in a grand ballroom or some other stately manor, it’s time you changed your tune. From the charmingly simple to the most ornate designs dripping in baubles, a chandelier can be the focal point in a room or serve to help spaces with multiple styles feel pulled together. There is a chandelier for every style and taste and they can be enjoyed in or outdoors.

Always ensure licensed professionals install lighting and that you purchase the correct bulb type and wattage for safety and longevity. You may want to work with interiors specialists to find the right height for chandeliers over tables and the correct sizing for expansive foyers or smaller dressing rooms and hallways.

Read on for my easy tips on choosing the right chandelier for your space.

  1. Basic can be beautiful. Particularly in spaces with colorful or patterned furniture, rugs, or pillows, a simple chandelier is often preferred. A traditional chandelier style won’t interfere with the bold personality of the other strong elements and will allow them to shine. A wonderful aspect of a streamlined design is that it can be moved to another room in a living or working space, often without disrupting the décor theme, when the next great chandelier style catches your eye.
  2. Get white right. A white chandelier pops against colored walls and is equally effective in a relaxing room with varying shades of white or cream paint, as it practically melts into the space. Depending on the materials from which it is crafted, a white chandelier can be painted (try a specialty paint with a textured finish!) or you can dye the shade a new color when you need a bit of a room refresh.
  3. Embrace geometry. You loathed it in school. Now you can make amends. A geometric design is particularly alluring over a dining table and can act as striking focal point depending on the other elements in the room. Geometric chandeliers pair well with transitional room styles as well as modern or rustic. In a nursery or kids room, a geometric design would be a fun and unexpected twist on interiors.
  4.  Order up the glam squad. Glam chandeliers can be fantastically ornate or simply chic easily catering to your wants and needs. Perfect in a walk-in closet to celebrate sheer femininity or as a showstopper in a room with a neutral palette. A glam style definitely serves to draw the eye upward. Remember you can always add additional floor or table lighting if a particular fixture is a must have for style but may not provide the right amount of light for the space. A black glam chandelier offers sophistication when paired with brightly upholstered furniture, while a waterfall crystal chandelier design echoes the soothing vibe of a spa inspired bathroom.
  5. Bring the outdoors in or vise versa. Chandeliers designed with outdoor elements such as branches, recycled glass and animal antlers bring the outdoors in and make great conversations pieces. Look for local artisans who can create a personalized piece from items you provide. Estate sales, thrift stores and flea markets are great places to stumble upon these kinds of treasures as well.
  6. Pick a pop of color. It’s totally acceptable, even encouraged, to use a chandelier to bring out colors in a rug or other room accessory, so you achieve a cohesive look. You can even do clashing colors if that’s your cup of tea.

You can choose your chandelier first then accessorize around it or purchase your chandelier based on a favorite color used elsewhere in a room. There are no hard and fast rules about which comes first. Have fun and don’t be afraid of a chandelier! It might be just the addition your room is looking for to achieve next level status!